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Aisera TicketIQ is a next-gen AI Service Experience solution.

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Aisera's next-generation AI Customer Service works with existing solutions to deliver an end-to-end AI Service Experience for customers. AI Customer Service provides omni-channel integrations through Conversational AI, NLU Search, and unsupervised NLP to speed remediation of knowledge requests and automate the resolution of tasks and actions.

Aisera's TicketIQ product brings intelligent automation to classify and route high volumes of tickets, improve resolution times, and user satisfaction. TicketIQ empowers agents by recommending similar tickets, knowledge articles, and next-best actions.

By supporting service desk teams through historical ticket analysis and auto-classification of tickets, TicketIQ reduces MTTR, bounce rates, and ticket misclassification. - Auto-resolve support requests across channels - Automatically assign and route tickets to the right agents - Recommend next-best-actions for ticket resolution - Automate knowledge resolution and ticket resolution notes - Agent coaching with AI-driven recommendations

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