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Workato, an iPaaS leader trusted by over 21,000 organizations, is the only platform for intelligent automations for Zendesk with 200+ other business apps including JIRA, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.

The Workato platform provides enterprise integration, process automation, and a citizen experience, enabling business users and IT to collaborate in order to build, operate and rollout automations without compromising security and governance.

Join over 21,000 businesses to integrate your apps with Workato. Simply select and run any of over 20,000 community integrations created by experts. Or, create custom integrations yourself without needing an IT team.

### Increased visibility across operations

  • Get a 360 degree view of your prospect, customer, sales, ticket and invoice data across all your favorite apps. No bouncing back and forth between apps to compare.
  • Increase productivity across your teams with updated information across apps.

### Full User Control

  • Be in control over the integrations you want to build, from simple syncs to complex integrations without an IT team or coding knowledge.
  • Perform checks for data duplication and conditional actions easily.
  • Handles complex data structures and mapping Works well with your customizations in various apps (especially in Salesforce).

### Achieve 10 to 100x ROI

  • Significantly reduce manual data entry and administrative costs.
  • Deliver better service experience and ensure customer satisfaction with up-to-date information across apps.

### Popular Integrations

##### Zendesk - Salesforce

  1. New Organization in Zendesk Creates an Account in Salesforce
  2. New Account in Salesforce creates Organization in Zendesk
  3. New Zendesk User transferred to Salesforce as contact
  4. New contact in Salesforce creates user in Zendesk
  5. New Ticket in Zendesk will create a contact in Salesforce
  6. New Closed Won Opportunity will create a ticket in Zendesk
  7. New Zendesk ticket will send out an alert email if the requester is an MVP in Salesforce Leads

##### Zendesk - QuickBooks Online
1. New customer in QuickBooks creates a new organization in Zendesk
2. New organization in Zendesk creates a new customer in QuickBooks
3. New customer in QuickBooks creates a new user in Zendesk
4. New user in Zendesk creates a new customer in QuickBooks
5. New ticket in Zendesk creates a new customer in QuickBooks
6. New invoice in QuickBooks creates a new ticket in Zendesk
7. New sales receipt in QuickBooks creates a new ticket in Zendesk

##### Zendesk - Shopify

  1. New order in Shopify creates user in Zendesk

##### Zendesk - JIRA

  1. New ticket in Zendesk creates JIRA new issue

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