How Dollar Shave Club implemented AI with Zendesk

Published March 2, 2018
Last modified March 2, 2018

Artificial intelligence is likely to touch every aspect of our lives, including the way we experience customer service. AI will allow businesses to direct the customer journey,   and point customers towards alternative support channels when necessary, which is exactly what Dollar Shave Club did with Zendesk Answer Bot.

Join us for an inside look at why AI is on the rise in customer support featuring Zendesk General Manager of Zendesk Guide, Jason Maynard. We also hear Trent Hoerman, Senior Manager of Programs at Dollar Shave Club, take a deeper dive into their pain points prior to leveraging AI and how agent efficiency was increased with Zendesk Answer Bot.

Key takeaways:

  • Why AI is on the rise in customer service
  • What problems does AI solve within your current customer support platform
  • The lifecycle of Dollar Shave Club’s implementation of AI with Zendesk Answer Bot
  • What next steps look like for your customer service offerings with Zendesk Answer Bot

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