How to recover from a customer service fiasco

Published January 11, 2013
Last updated January 11, 2013

The real-time web has given customers amazing power to vent their issues in a very public and gigantic space. It's why companies such as Comcast launched @ComcastCares, a Twitter channel completely devoted to customer support and, well, customer complaints. Because let's face it, if there's ever an industry that can provoke mass ire it's the cable providers.

These days, it's very easy for customers to get the message out when they feel a company has wronged them. Get a few folks on Twitter, tack on a hashtag to the tune of #thiscompanysucks, and suddenly you're at the center of a nationally trending conversation that could've been easily prevented had you just been prepared. More than ever, companies need to have a strategy in place to prevent minor dust ups from becoming full-blown customer service disasters.

The infographic below offers tips on how to get started.