Launching on Product Hunt: Inbox for iOS

Published August 25, 2015
Last modified August 25, 2015

It’s happened to us all. The day is winding down, it’s 6:15pm, and you are about to go home. When suddenly you become the latest recipient of a long chain of emails. It’s an avalanche of forwards and replies, multiple cc’s, bccs, and reply-alls. You want to respond intelligently but you don’t have a clear idea of what everyone is talking about. A cryptic sentence toward the end reads, “See Jerry’s email below”. Thus instigating an extensive search of scrolling, squinting, and mumbling aloud until you find and read all of Jerry’s emails. Or so you think.

You finally manage to send an intelligent reply; the resolution that everyone is seeking, when a coworker on the chain fires back, “No, we’re not talking about that email. His most recent email.” As is often the case with multiple email replies in a long chain, it begins to look more like a tangled ball of yarn than a thread.

You ask yourself, “Why does this keep happening?”. You don’t have time to dig through email haystacks, there should be a better way for teams to email.

We hear you.

Introducing Inbox IOS, the team email app from Zendesk, now available on your favorite iOS device. Inbox was first released as a web app, but when iPhone and iPad power users really got in the the groove with Inbox, they told us their workflow would be even better if Inbox were an iOS app. Inbox iOS officially launched today on Product Hunt. Do us a solid and upvote if you like what you see.

Some of the things we love about Inbox IOS are:

  • TouchID ‘s easy and secure login means no more loading browser pages and typing in your username and password.
  • Push notifications for seamless team communication. When someone @mentions you in a conversation, you can easily right-swipe the push notification and Inbox takes you to the message for immediate comment or reply.
  • Inbox iOS includes all features from the web app and with the same clean, responsive interface.

Zendesk co-founder and Inbox creator Alex Aghassipour is available on Product Hunt to answer questions and hear your feedback.

Learn more about Inbox iOS on Product Hunt
Inbox is also available for immediate download in the App Store

Teams looking to solve they shared email problems will find Inbox from Zendesk simplifies their workflow and brings a new level of team communication to email. Some people have even called it “screen sharing for your Inbox.” For multi-channel communication, integrations and advanced analytics, check out Zendesk.