Zendesk & Optimizely: Raising the Bar as a Customer Support Leader

Published December 20, 2017
Last modified December 20, 2017

Join Support Directors, Benjamin Collet at Zendesk and Cyrus Dorosti at Optimizely - a customer experience optimization platform - as they share how they've leveraged metrics through advanced tools like Zendesk to improve support processes. Gain actionable insights on how these leaders test and optimize for increased team performance and superior customer experience.

You will hear real-life examples, including:

  • How Optimizely revamped a core customer support channel and drastically decreased their ticket resolution time.
  • How Optimizely used Zendesk Support to identify a recurring customer issue – and successfully reduced that ticket category by 50%.
  • How Zendesk’s Global Advocacy team implemented a new process that sped up operations by 3X while decreasing ticket resolution time to 1 hour.

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