Tip of the week: using Liquid to randomize your canned responses

Published January 27, 2014
Last modified January 27, 2014

Customers are often annoyed when they know they'’ve received a canned email from an agent, particularly as a follow-up notification or when their ticket status is marked as resolved. So how can you get around this?

As nice as it would be to manually personalize every message, or to simply turn off canned emails, these solutions are probably not the answer. You can, however, use Liquid code to enable your triggers, automations, and macros to randomly select a message from a set of pre-built messages to lend more variety to the canned responses a customer will receive at various stages in the support cycle.

This week’s tip of the week provides the Liquid code that you need to do this, including detailed steps for applying the code within your business rules.

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