Google Forms alternative

Embed beautiful Google forms right into your website
Don’t banish support to the basement of customer experience. Meet your customers at the front door. Integrating forms and documents where your customers are—across all channels, devices, and environments—reduces the effort required to get help and makes great customer service an integral part of your product.

Hocus-pocus, abra-cadabra

Zendesk Embeddables allow businesses to put help right at their customers’ fingertips. With Embeddables, reach out and offer support, enable a customized submission, provide information, or start a conversation. And because online forms can be so seamlessly integrated into the mobile app or web page, the experience feels magical.

Do whatchu wanna do

Manage event registrations, whip up a quick poll, collect email addresses for a newsletter, create a pop quiz. Our mobile SDKs are built natively for iOS and Android. Start right away with the out of the box UIs, or create your own alternative custom experience.

The mobile SDK and the Web Widget are powerful tools, but some developers still want to go further. That’s why Zendesk provides a REST API for more freedom and advanced customization. Our API has over 400 endpoints, allowing you to build—from scratch—the native support experience you want in any device, product, or application.

Embedded customizable support your way

Decide how support on your website works with the Web Widget being able to serve any combination of a knowledge base search, contact form, or Zendesk Chat.

Integrate smart suggestions to save time

サポートを受けるお客様がWebサイトを探し回ったり、Webサイトから離れたりしなくても、Web Widgetなら関連するナレッジベースの記事を必要なときにすぐ提供できます。


Web Widgetは、ユーザーがデスクトップまたはモバイルデバイスのどちらを使用していても、シンプルなユーザーエクスペリエンスを提供するために最適化されています。さらに、Web Widgetは、ブラウザの設定に基づいてユーザーの言語にローカライズされます。



Customers visit your website constantly. Make it easy for them to submit information about themselves to you for help. Try Zendesk Embeddables for free.