Online form builder

Build an online form, and they come
This is not a news flash. Nobody wants to be 'redirected' away from your website or app to manually fill out a form. Nobody. We all want an immersible experience. A seamless experience. Click here, click there, answer this, say yes to that—and done. That being said, do you give your customers that? If you are here, then the answer is no.

An online form builder is a step in the right direction. A company template form builder is another step. And an online, template form that's embedded into your customer's experience—is a giant leap for mankind!

Embed an online form, and they will do

Create and build contact forms, support forms, web forms, registration forms, order forms, surveys, online forms, and feedback forms. Just to name a few. Embed them into your website and app with a snippet of javascript. And you collect information, without disruption to your customer, and keep business moving forward.

Zendesk Embeddables allow businesses to put help right at their customers’ fingertips. With Embeddables, companies can reach out and offer support, provide information, or start a conversation. And because it’s so seamlessly integrated into the mobile app or web page, the experience feels magical.

What makes embeddable magical




技術的な問題に関して言えば、お客様自身が問題の解明や解決を行う必要はありません。Zendesk Embeddablesでは、問題発生時に使用されていたデバイスの種類やアプリケーションのバージョンに関する情報が自動的に生成されます。問題の先回りをして、サポートリクエストの問題の原因をすばやく探ることができます。


Embeddables reduce unnecessary back and forth by serving the right information at the right time in the right place. This combination of seamless customer service and a streamlined workflow makes support more efficient and frees up the resources businesses need to grow.

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