Community engagement software

Unite agents and customers with branded community engagement software

The community is going to engage with one another. Uniting on social media, online review sites, or feedback forums is easy. However, not as easy is keeping track of those conversations when they take place off of your site. How can you offer assistance if you don’t know what’s being said? Zendesk Guide can help.


As part of Zendesk Guide, Community is a customizable community engagement software. Visitors on Community can ask for assistance or compare product notes, easily finding solutions to problems. And Community’s intuitive contributor tools scan content when new posts are started, ensuring content remains fresh and free of duplications.


Customers and companies are supported with Community, which:
  • Offers full design control – ensuring a warm and inviting place to be
  • Moderates discussions – ensure visitors stay on topic and allow for support teams to offer help as needed
  • Allows posts to be sorted or followed, keeping users informed on the latest updates


To learn more about Community and how it’s joining like users with informed customer service agents, thus providing a better experience for everyone, request your free trial today.