Knowledge base builder

Building a powerful knowledge base

What’s the old saying about ‘helping those who help themselves’? Whatever it is, it’s true that customers prefer self-service to speaking with a representative. Using a company’s online knowledge base to meet their customer service needs is a great way to do that. But for it to be effective, you need a robust knowledge base. Zendesk Guide helps with that.


Zendesk Guide makes it easy to set up a well-stocked knowledge base. With Guide’s Knowledge Capture app, agents have the ability to turn every customer interaction into new content, search for articles to share in tickets, and flag old content for improvements. Businesses can create a powerful base of both new and old knowledge that aids self-service — immediately.


Guide’s smart knowledge base helps you capture institutional know-how with:
  • Rich text editor – use the WYSIWYG editor to include photos and video in articles
  • Structured content – organize articles according to categories and sections
  • Content history – see a list of edits and changes to your evolving content


Once you’ve used Guide as a knowledge base builder, take advantage of its ability to localize content in more than 40 languages so that you can serve your customers in their native language. See how Guide can help you build a robust knowledge base. Enroll in a free trial today.