Knowledge base tools open source

A supportive knowledge base system

How often have you found yourself shopping for a purple unicorn costume at three o'clock in the morning? Or is that just me? Whatever your personal shopping habits, there's no denying that the internet has opened the doors for consumers to interact with your website 24/7. And when questions pop up, they don't have the patience to wait for regular business hours. That's why having well-designed, intuitive knowledge base tools like Zendesk Guide is so important.


Much more than a database, which simply houses information, a smart knowledge base is designed to draw conclusions based on its knowledge of the world so that users receive correct answers to their inquiries. The simple concept of anticipating user needs with resource software that is both agile and intuitive helps ward off friction and frustration.

Reaping the benefits

Revolutionize the customer experience with:
  • Intuitive knowledge base content - reduce time spent looking for information, making customers happier and employees more productive
  • Localized content - a platform that can translate content into more than 40 languages
  • Insightful analytics - expose content gaps and identify areas where new articles can be created


There's no need to entrust your valuable institutional knowledge — and customer relationships — with knowledge base tools that are open source. Launch a free trial of Guide today and experience the difference intuitive knowledge base tools make in your organization — with the help and support of the Zendesk family.