Customer service support with no strings attached

Great customer support should be tied to the customer. Not the computer, fancy headset, or even a particular day or problem. Zendesk's mobile ticketing system has native mobile apps that are built for team leaders, agents, IT, or anyone who doesn’t want to take the “help desk” literally. Agents can catch up with tickets, clean up their queue, and free up their workflow (and mind).

Mobile management

Support from your iPhone and Android:

  • 担当チケットが更新されると、エージェントにアラート
  • マクロを使用して、新規チケットを瞬時に作成し、
  • 検索機能とメールからのディープリンクを使用して、
  • ビューでキューをフィルタリングし、スワイプで

Tablet triage

Support from your iPad:

  • スワイプして、チケットをすばやくトリアージして処理
  • レポーティングと分析にフルアクセス可能。常に、
  • エージェントダッシュボードにさっと目を通し、

Wherever they roam

Research shows that people simply don’t want to go out of their way to get the support they need. That’s why it’s important to stay close by—even when your customers are blazing new trails across new media. Zendesk’s support channels let everyone— from teenagers to grandmothers—get support on the channels they prefer and love.