Service desk software comparison

Comparison of service desk software is a pain in the – please hold that thought – while I get you a confirmation number. 000000000000000000002. Again that number is OMG. Click.

In all seriousness though, please hold. Lucky for all of us today's software isn't that way anymore. At least it shouldn't be. It should be as seamless, scalable, and dare we even say – magical.

Not only do we want you to do a comparison of help desk software, we won't even be mad if our ticket management system is not for your company. But, to be fair, we think it's pretty darn great.

The brass tacks

Zendesk recently made a request Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that evaluated the financial impact of Zendesk on organizations. Forrester interviewed five of our own users and conducted a financial analysis. In this study, Forrester lays out the benefits and costs of Zendesk’s family of customer service products, with the analysis pointing to benefits of more than $3.8 million.



  • エージェントの生産性向上:調査したサポート組織では、前年に比べて平均通話時間が15秒間短縮されたと報告されています。
  • カスタマーとのやりとりの削減:セルフサービスが全やりとりの20%に達します。
  • エージェントのエクスペリエンスと維持率の向上:Zendeskを導入した組織では、エージェントの離職率が15%も削減しました。
  • Avoided maintenance costs of previous platform: Consultants were no longer needed to support the previous agent platform, resulting in an average savings of $150,000 per year.


Make sure Zendesk is right for you. Read about the potential return on investment from implementing Zendesk’s family of products in Forrester’s The Total Economic ImpactTM of Zendesk, a May 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Zendesk.