Choosing a social customer service software solution

While many brands seek to use their social media channels primarily for marketing, they are now discovering that they need to remain alert to customer service requests and complaints on social channels, and come up with an action plan for resolving those issues quickly.
In this case, it's critical to find the right social customer service software to help you filter these social media customer service messages into your established customer support channels.

Moving forward

Gone are the days when all customer support requests came in through established channels such as in-person communication, phone, mail, and email. Today, an unhappy customer is as likely to lodge a complaint on your Twitter or Facebook page—and worse yet, it may be in full view of the public, demanding immediate action. The Q2 2016 Sprout Social Index found that 90 percent of surveyed consumers have gotten in touch with a brand via their social media channels, as opposed to traditional customer service communication channels.


A social customer service software solution should provide:

  • Listening tools that can alert customer service agents to social media content that requires a response
  • Stored messages that can be triggered based on certain keywords or phrases in customer messages
  • An integrated ticket system that can seamlessly track message history and responses, regardless of whether the message begins on a social channel, email, chat, or phone
  • Analytics that enables your customer service team to visualize the types and quantity of customer support messages received via social channels, including metrics such as time of day, user location, and other key details


Many businesses will find Zendesk's social customer support software to be an ideal tool for tracking and responding to social customer service issues. Zendesk's customer service software makes it easy for your company to tap into the conversations happening with your brand across many social networks. Customer support agents can convert social messages to support tickets, and can track the message history across both public and private platforms. Give your customer care team members the tools they need to succeed across every platform, including social media.