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Free 30 day trial and then starting at $10 per agent per month.

Whether it's returns / RMAs, order status inquiries, troubleshooting, or onboarding / offboarding BrightReps Sidekick enables you to automate your team's most painful processes and consolidate them down to a single interface - right from the ticket.

  • Flow Builder - From the Admin Portal managers can design, download, and deploy their process flows directly to the rep on the Zendesk ticket.

  • Integrated Workflows - Sidekick is your knowledgebase of processes that is searchable and suggests workflows based on ticket criteria. From the Sidekick app on Zendesk reps receive step by step instructions, including integrated steps to eliminate the need to swivel chair between multiple systems and reference static process flow documents. Sidekick remembers what step you left off at, providing actionable context to anyone viewing the ticket.

  • Process Analytics - As reps work from Sidekick, managers are able to view process analytics including heat maps of step completions, time taken by step, and rep feedback to continuously measure and improve their processes.

Below are some of the step types and integrations available on Sidekick, all with no code required. See our pricing page for more details on our plans and pricing.

  • Rich Text (provide formatted in-app instructions to agents, including screenshots and hyperlinks)

  • Decision Tree (dynamically render process flow steps based on decision criteria)

  • Zendesk (automatically update Zendesk ticket fields or add comments to internal or external recipients)

  • Apply Macros (apply an existing macros as a step within a process)

  • Shopify (create new orders)

  • ShipStation (search orders, shipments, and tracking numbers; create shipping labels; create orders, create and link a return label to an order)

  • EasyPost (create shipping labels and search shipments)

  • Arena Solutions (generate new Quality Process records)

  • Pivotal Tracker (log a bug on Pivotal Tracker)

  • Slack (post a custom templated message to a designated slack channel)

  • Stripe (look up a customer charge or send customer invoice)

  • GitHub (open new GitHub issues)

  • Wrike (create new tasks)

  • Twilio (send a custom templated text message)

  • Bitly (create a shortened shareable link)

  • Rebrandly (create branded links to send to customers)

  • General (download dynamic PDF forms)

  • Synchronize your Chat and Support workflows - start a process within the chat window, and pick up where you left off on the linked ticket

  • Launch New Flow (ability to link flows together by completing one flow and starting another)

  • Custom Integrations (build integrations to your tools with no code required)

  • Real-Time Work Dashboard (real-time dashboard to view in-progress and recently completed work by rep, process, and step)

We are always adding new features and integrations based on feedback from our customers. Check out our app and let us know how we can help with your support processes!

For more information including a walkthrough video, check out https://www.brightreps.com or send us a note at support@brightreps.com.

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