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Volvox team helps you tailor Zendesk to your needs and bring the extra-something to make your Zendesk experience even better. We provide custom application development, backend system integration, data migrations, help center customization, custom insights reporting and configuration of your support. Contact us for more information.

Volvox is specialized in Zendesk integrations. We help you keep Zendesk beautifully simple while tailoring it to your own needs. As simple as that!

Custom application development: Your agents need all the customer data from your CRM or ERP? Custom applications we develop help you simplify their work and improve their efficiency by bringing all the information they need directly in Zendesk, even if it's dispersed in various systems in your company. In addition to that, custom apps allow you to completely master your Zendesk data, allowing you to automatically verify, transform and generate every piece of information. Our front-end experts can advise you on the best and simplest way to achieve what you need in the Zendesk GUI.

Backend system integration: Real-time synchronization between Zendesk and your OMS, Marketplace, CTI, or any other system? We provide robust and secure middleware solutions that allow you to automatically exchange data between different systems and implement business rules and data quality operations on the fly. Our middleware makes your business process seamless.

Data migrations: Our extensive knowledge of Zendesk datamodel, for both support and guide, combined with the powerful APIs usage, allows us to easily migrate the data to and from any Zendesk instance. Whether you need to migrate your data between a third party system and Zendesk, or between different Zendesk instances or sandboxes, you can rely on our experience.

Help Center customization: Take advantage of self-support features provided by Zendesk Guide while maintaining a unique user experience through the entire customer journey on your web-site. We can help you to achieve this by customizing the theme of your Zendesk Guide. In addition to this, we can extend the main Guide features by adding custom code according to your needs.

Custom insights reporting: In addition to standard reporting dashboards provided by Zendesk, you can create custom reports that reflect your own KPIs and allow you to benchmark your performance on particular criteria. Our team can assist you with creating custom reports, as well as with preparing your data to obtain pertinent reports.

Configuration of Support: We can help you optimize your business process by configuring your Zendesk Support instance the right way.


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