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Sera-Suites is brought to you by Quesereans, your friendly digital nomads that you will not even notice are actually technologists and geeks. We build Sera-Suites to manage the hyper-connected, over-stimulated, distracted, and alienated world. The world will be experiencing the next wave surging, and it promises to be even more immersive and we are ready to unlock the future with the Sera-Suite of products.

Quesera.sg is the first partner of Zendesk in Vietnam targeting to help companies who want to create omnichannel customer experiences that treat customer interactions in multiple channels (eg. social media, smartphone, chatbots) as part of one unified customer journey. Quesera offers everything within Zendesk from licenses, implementations, consultation to optimization. Quesera.sg has helped many customers to gather a complete picture of their customer, using any data from anywhere (online and offline) and give them the agility to innovate and the power to scale. We believe no customers are your customers - Not until you have the flexibility to identify, understand, and segment them for more personalized experiences.

Services offered: -Licensing -Implementation -Development Services -Integration Services

Regions: Asia Pacific

Reach out to us: Email: contact@quesera.sg Hotline: +84 287 101 8899 Whatsapp: +65 8183 6718


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Data Migration
Development Services
India/Southern Asia
Eastern Asia
Solution Provider
Implementation Partner



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