An IT help desk is a software that helps users solve their problems through a single (or multiple) point of contact. IT help desks allow users to troubleshoot problems, track their issues, and get assistance regarding products or services.


Tailor your ITIL implementation for a perfect fit. Zendesk software enables ITIL processes without the typical ITIL tool complexity, so you can put your focus where it counts. And with our flexibility and analytics, your help desk is a system that truly facilitates continuous improvement—the core ITIL tenet.

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Zendesk's powerful automation tools help IT teams manage incidents, events, problems, and service requests easily. Pre-defined responses called macros solve common problems faster. Tag issues to report, categorize, and track problem management across tickets. And keep track of phones, computers, monitors, and more, whether or not they're in the office, by integrating your help desk with common IT asset management tools.

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ヘルプデスク ソフトウェア


Track key help desk metrics like first response time and time to restore with Zendesk's pre-built reports—or build a custom report. Align your reporting to ITIL best practices and report on incidents, problems, and change requests. Discover and view which issues create the most work and provide self-service tools or automate process management to eliminate them.

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Zendeskは、ニーズに応じた拡張が可能なオープンプラットフォームです。380個以上のアプリを提供しているZendeskアプリマーケットプレイスから、Oomnitza、Myndbend、Okta、OneLogIn、LogMeInなどのITツールを選択して、統合できます。 Zendeskでは、オープンAPI、チャット、モバイルSDKについて、各種ドキュメントを用意し、ITヘルプデスクの変革とカスタマイズを応援しています。

ヘルプデスク ソフトウェア

What is IT support software?

Your employees may access dozens of apps and programs throughout the day to do their work, including in-house software. That creates plenty of opportunity for errors and issues of all kinds. When employees have issues, it pays to use an organized system to solve them. IT support software allows your company’s IT team to track and solve issues from various channels in one workspace.

This vital tool saves time and can help a support staff be more effective at solving problems. When employees feel served, they are more likely to be happy and to put their best effort into their work. Deep down, IT helpdesk software supports the growth of the company as a whole.

So, how does it work? IT staff can use this software to create tickets for a wide range of events, including:

  • Bugs in company software

  • New feature requests

  • General employee questions

  • Problems with the network or VPN

  • Issues with login credentials

  • Device compatibility issues

  • Scheduled maintenance updates

The software creates a ticket for each issue in a central location, whether an employee picks up the phone or sends a text or email. On the IT team’s side, a simple user interface makes it easy for them to share information with one another and work on multiple tickets at once. A single issue may require input from multiple departments, so this is a useful feature to have.

The best IT helpdesk software also helps development teams track bugs by grouping tickets with common problems. Chances are, multiple employees will encounter issues related to the same bug, so you can save time by grouping tickets together. When you’ve patched the bug, you can resolve all related tickets at once.

Having a searchable help center makes IT service desk software even more valuable. You can provide quick answers to common issues, and you can also create a place for senior employees to share their knowledge with new recruits. An internal help center like this can cut down on the total number of tickets and reduce new hire onboarding times.

Other advantages to IT issue tracking software include:

  • You can save resources spent on ticket resolution

  • Your employees stay informed about feature updates they have requested

  • IT staff can close more issues at the first contact point with macros and automations

  • A self-service help center can can help employees get the right information on their own

  • Cloud-based IT service desk software is easy to scale up

  • Faster ticket resolution reduces employee downtime

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