Customer Portal Software

Provide a dedicated hub for your customers to manage their support requests and their contributions to a knowledge base or community through our help desk portal.

Power to your customers

Zendesk Guide’s online customer requests portal helps customers keep track of activities that matter most. Customers can check the status of their support requests, review updates to their knowledge base and community contributions, and track content they’re following—all from a single location. And with a dedicated customer web portal, customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

One place for everything

A well-designed help desk portal is a customer’s home for information on their support requests. Customers can search through previous interactions or tickets they’re CC’d on to find answers to questions that they’ve already asked, saving them time—and saving your team from repetitive queries.

customer portal software

Your help desk portal, your brand

Branded support portals reassure customers they’re in the right place.The Zendesk user portal supports logos and custom themes so that it matches your brand. And you can deliver a seamless experience between your own website and your help center by using your own domain and configuring single sign-on.

help desk portal

Gather the relevant information

Customers can also create new requests on the Zendesk client portal. Pick and choose which fields a customer needs to complete so support agents have the context they need when resolving a request.

customer service portal

For businesses and individuals

Businesses need additional visibility into support requests so they can share updates with the rest of the team. Zendesk’s customer portal supports shared organizations, so members can see each other’s requests and increase transparency when the customer is more than one person.

help desk portal software for business and individuals

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