Live chat for WordPress, or WordPress help chat, is a plugin that helps businesses offer live chat and message to customers. Built with a WordPress chat plugin like Zendesk live chat, WordPress live chat is a productive way to provide instant support to your users.






Be there for your customers before they even ask. If a customer gets stuck on a page for a long time, WordPress for live chat will prompt a support agent to proactively start a chat within your website—so they can offer the customer assistance, increase conversion rates, and reduce cart abandonment.

An example of how Zendesk can be used for WordPress live chat.


Our customer service software makes it easier to support your customers, and Zendesk is a great way for companies to offer WordPress live chat, including:

  • Proactive chat support. Triggers in chat notify agents when a customer has met preset conditions, like time spent on a certain page. Your agents can reach out, offer support, and provide a better user experience, increasing sales as a result.
  • Zendesk tracks key metrics, from real-time monitoring to agent performance, so you can identify areas to improve and what tactics are working in your favor.
  • チャネルを横断したサポート:全ての顧客データやチャット履歴に1箇所からアクセスできるため、サポートチームは必要に応じてチャネルを切り替え、一貫性のあるカスタマーサポートを提供することができます。

The Zendesk way