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What is Joomla live chat?

Joomla live chat—or Joomla chat—is a solution that allows your business to provide your customers live chat and messaging. Engage with your customers with immediate support from your website, and help your customer, technical, and sales team provide the best customer experience.

Store all your customer data in one place—whether it’s chat, email, or social media—with Zendesk, so whenever your agents are helping a customer they have access to the entire customer’s history.


Make it easy for your customers to instantly get in contact with your business without having to leave your website or interrupt their experience. With Joomla live chat, your business can provide instant, personalized support with a chat module installed directly into your website. This empowers your business to be available in real time and your customers a seamless shopping experience.

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Be there for your customers when they need you. The Joomla chat module allows your business to proactively engage with your customers if and when they need assistance. This will reduce bounce and exit rates, improve customer engagement, and boost the customer experience. To seal the deal, with Joomla live chat plugin, you have the power to customize the way your agents get notified about shoppers. So your agents can provide personalized proactive support to create a better customer experience on your site.


Invest in Joomla live chat so your business can easily engage with your customers and provide a seamless experience. Take advantage of a solution that will increase your conversion rates and win more loyal customers.

An example of how Zopim Chat can be used for Joomla live chat via Zendesk.


Live chat software is a great way for companies to offer Joomla live chat and provide a seamless experience for customers. Every interaction with a site visitor, be it in chat, email, or social media is stored in one location. So when an agent is responding to a request they’ll have access to that visitor’s entire history with the company.

Using data to improve. Zendesk Chat automatically tracks the metrics that matter most to companies, allowing them to get the full picture of their customer service efforts and learn how to do better.

Start using data to improve the customer experience. Zendesk Chat automatically tracks the metrics that matter for your business so you get a comprehensive view of your customer and provide the experience they expect.

An important feature in Zendesk Chat, Triggers, can automatically notify customer service agents when a customer has met a specific set of conditions, such as including visits to a defined series of pages. The agent can then initiate a chat and ask the visitor if they require help.